Ronny Coric is a master and innovator in the art of composing colors and architectural finishes, specializing in concrete restoration and concrete coloring.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, layers of translucent concrete stain colors are blended together creating a symphony of organic depth, richness, and movement. 

His creativity and attention to detail are examples of an artist who cares enough to share the very best of himself.

Also offering the highest quality epoxy flooring systems with vapor barrier capabilities and lifetime warranty against peeling and delamination.

Professional concrete staining/concrete flooring, serving Los Angeles County, Orange County and San Diego County.  Licensed, bonded, insured and affordable.  All work is personally supervised by Ronny Coric himself, on site at all times.  




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Concrete Staining Long Beach

Concrete Staining Long Beach

Professional concrete staining, Long Beach, CA, can transform your exterior surfaces from ordinary to extrodinary.

Benefits of Concrete Staining Long Beach, CA

It’s Beautiful: Concrete staining Long Beach, CA, allows you to add rich, deep, dimensional color to otherwise boring surfaces. You don’t have to pick just one stain. It’s actually often wise to pick two or more shades so we can blend them to add even more depth to the color.

It’s Fast and Non-Intrusive: Concrete staining Long Beach, CA, is the fastest possible way to transform old or new concrete. There is no demolition because we work with the existing concrete surface.

It is Durable: The professional grade concrete stain we use is penetrating and is UV stable, and is available in semi-tranparent finishes that show the depth and variations of the concrete through color. It also will no chip, flake or peel. These finishes are renewable with minimal care and maintenance as part of the Ronny Coric maintenance package that is availble to you. These floors are seamless (no grout lines).  Concrete flooring is clean, allergy free, anti microbial flooring system that works for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Why Choose Ronny Coric Concrete Staining

Ronny is a 3rd generation, European craftsman, who has studied and trained under the best in the business on both, the East and West coasts.  Always working to refine and improve the colors, options and capabilites of concrete flooring.  Innovative with our brand new patented baseboard design, awarded with 2 art and design patents.  The Ronny Coric SPACEBOARDS (TM) that compliments every concrete floor.  

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